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  1. Maxim Kovalchuk
    Maxim Kovalchuk at |

    Not cool

  2. Brian Fisher
    Brian Fisher at |

    Sounds about right. Weren’t there some US Transcons before the merger that had similar types of issues on A32X aircraft?

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Happens from time to time on A320/A321s flying transcon westbound in the winters. But they don’t lie to ATC about what they’re doing. And it is really only at the extreme edge where this happens. In the Air Transat/Flair Air case the issue is that the plane was never expected to make the route if flying full.

  3. Benjamin Black Perley
    Benjamin Black Perley at |

    Mikhail Mashudi has been fighting this over a substantial delay Gig/gru?- jfk on DL. All the other carriers fly the route fine, but dl cries “weather” and denies comp.

  4. Andreas Mowinckel
    Andreas Mowinckel at |

    has worked for UA (and before them CO) for many years ,,,,

  5. henry LAX
    henry LAX at |

    the upcoming 8770mi UA LAX-SIN most likely would require westbound seat-blocking year-round and occasional scenic detours to NRT or MNL … is that fradulent marketing too in your book ?

  6. AsherO
    AsherO at |

    Isn’t this a safety concern? Diversions are designed to accommodate actual emergencies, not planned ones that are designed by airline management to drive profits.

  7. dale
    dale at |

    I flew AirTransat Toronto to Stansted years ago and they made a stop in Exeter that was apparently scheduled but wasn’t advertised.

    They were also the ones who made a series of serious fuel related errors on a flight to Europe sometime around 2001 and pulled off the spectacular dead-stick landing at an island in the Azores.

    While that incident was an anomaly, I wouldn’t be in any hurry to fly them again – one of the early cut-rate outfits. And, you’d think they’d be more than careful about cutting it close with fuel range (the Calgary to Cancun issue).