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  1. DFWcommavia
    DFWcommavia at |

    Frontier: “We’re growing at United’s hubs”
    United: “Can’t wait to watch you try to do so profitably”

  2. Nick
    Nick at |

    I suspect Frontier will leave with their tail between their legs. I think UAL is finally valuing Denver properly, It’s one of the fastest growing economies and a great place to have a hub so I suspect they will defend their position and perhaps even increase service above whats already been announced. Personally I would never and I would never recommend flying Frontier when one actually needs to be somewhere for something important. I suspect many business travelers feel the same. So Frontier is basically fighting for scraps.

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  4. CF Gilbert
    CF Gilbert at |

    I really dislike Kirby’s comments abt “if a flight is 2 hours late, your options are to pay the pax to stay, pay another airline to transport them, delay connections”. I’d like to know how what % of misconnected pax UA really pays accommodations for. If they can find any way to blame it on WX or ATC, they do. And don’t pay accommodations.