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  1. Marshall
    Marshall at |

    Lufthansa has about 35 LHR slot pairs so they’ll probably lease it to United

  2. Justin Meyer
    Justin Meyer at |

    I am also especially interested hear where the slots come from.

  3. Gene
    Gene at |

    I’ll put my money on the #6 EWR-LHR frequency going away next year (only added once the #2 LAX flight was bagged), the timing appears to work. The flight is operating with a 757 on a lot of days this summer and is very close to other 767 frequencies.

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  5. Ross Gale
    Ross Gale at |

    I’m surprised they can’t justify winter service for skiing. I guess Europe has enough good skiing…

    1. Nick Boylan
      Nick Boylan at |

      Probably seeing what they can get in the market before committing to year round service. Also a good test to see if they can hold against Norwegian, especially since Norwegian has announced service to Paris.

    2. Joel Anderson
      Joel Anderson at |

      I think most Europeans stay on the other side of the pond for ski vacations.