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  1. Stephen Evans
    Stephen Evans at |

    Crj-200: doomed before it starts

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Is there an aircraft type where it could work? That’s what I cannot figure out. Maybe the CSeries CS100, but that has the middle seat problem. Unless they went 2-2 on that. Or 1-2 on the EJets. The MD-80 fuselage at 2-2 was a great option but the company couldn’t even stick to that forever the first time around, eventually adding a “saver” cabin of more or less regular coach seating..

    2. James Byrd
      James Byrd at |

      Seth Leased Greyhound buses

    3. Everton Morris
      Everton Morris at |

      They can buy some 787s and run them 8-abreast in Economy. 😉

    4. Stephen Evans
      Stephen Evans at |

      Seth Miller Q400s with a Porter-like model may be the closest, but the acquisition cost of the planes are quite high, especially when compared to the CRJ-200. However, the operating costs and onboard comfort is far better in the Q400.

    5. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      I’m not sure just extra legroom would be enough to sell the concept. And the Porter version is just one row missing IIRC. Which is nice, but still not tons better.

    6. Joel Anderson
      Joel Anderson at |

      Volotea has 15-20 717’s that they plan on phasing out in the near future. If the new Midwest could get them at a good price, that might not be a bad place to start.

  2. Craig Lowdermilk
    Craig Lowdermilk at |

    Bring back Midway, RDU would like to be a hub again

  3. howie ray
    howie ray at |

    Love the Cookies!

  4. askmrlee
    askmrlee at |

    Anyone remember Independence Air and Comair? These two were centered around the CRJ-200.

  5. TRC
    TRC at |

    I’d certainly welcome this as a Wisconsin resident with parents in Omaha, but I’m not sure how the new iteration is going to make money when the last failed to.

  6. Dave
    Dave at |

    Who the hell are these investors? Do they have any airline financial knowledge? You want to ADD seats to any regional jet to reduce costs, not REMOVE them! MKE does have a higher than average share of Fortune 500 companies per capita, but we know even corporate travel departments shop for the lowest fare now, so it’s unlikely that they will get the huge premium needed to cover the crazy “roomy” CRJ costs. This is like if United were to announce the reincarnation of Ted, DL Song, etc. It just doesn’t work, no matter how great the product is. Dumb!
    The less cynical side of me says, “oh those cookies were amazing – I hope it works out for them” lol

  7. Joel Anderson
    Joel Anderson at |

    Loved the chocolate chip cookies! I have a lot of fond memories of YX as a kid while my grandfather flew for the “Best care in the Air.”

  8. Greg Guenther
    Greg Guenther at |

    omg midwest express!! dose seats! dat weird little airline! Some fun rides there!

  9. Kevin Granzin
    Kevin Granzin at |

    Dump the CRJ and bring the E170/E190s