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  1. Jim Pirigyi
    Jim Pirigyi at |

    Didn’t they try this once before?

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      I don’t think Sun Country did. Certainly not to the ULCC levels now being discussed.

      It did have a massive financial fraud scandal a while back, though.

    2. Jim Pirigyi
      Jim Pirigyi at |

      I was thinking that they went the same route as ATA before both declared bankruptcy in 2008 but maybe I’m wrong.

  2. Brian Swintal
    Brian Swintal at |

    One of the truly great little airlines goes the way of Midwest Express

  3. Chris Sloan
    Chris Sloan at |

    A real dilemma. ULCC’s in the US are not exactly having an easy go of it now. And the sleeping giants have been woken with BE. Hard to see allowing another one co-exist unless Sun tries to do a better version of Allegiant, which is a different model, and one that doesn’t work so well with a newer, more expensive fleet that has to be in the air generating revenue. Unlike old MD-80s which can be left on the ground.

  4. Eric Boromisa
    Eric Boromisa at |

    Seth, what do you think the chances are for a premium economy airline that only flies a single type of equipment point to point between SF, NYC, DC, LA, ORD, maybe adding SEA, DEN BOS and maybe MIA or DFW/AUS (not a hub and spoke model just a high O&D model) and say strikes an agreement to use mileage plan – think it’d be viable?

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Alas, no.

      Much like the all-premium TATL airlines from a decade ago it is too easy for the legacy carriers to match price and dump inventory to crush a new carrier with such a limited model. Business contracts still make up a huge portion of revenue and most business travelers are going enough places that a route map with a dozen dots on it just isn’t enough.

      Arguably JetBlue was closest to that recently (VX advertised as such but didn’t actually deliver on the premium economy seating) and it needed a much more significant route map to pick up the business traffic in Boston, and that’s still a small portion of its business.

    2. Idir Aitsahalia
      Idir Aitsahalia at |

      Also, the major airports you mentioned are maxed out. No gates or slots.

  5. Jim Palmer
    Jim Palmer at |

    So are they getting rid of their first class?

  6. Joel Anderson
    Joel Anderson at |

    This totally sucks (being near MSP). I’ve actually gone out of my way to fly them. Their upgrade rates are pretty reasonable and they’re surprisingly innovative with their domestic catering. Alas all good things must come to an end as is the case with all Midwestern airlines it seems.

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