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  1. Stephanie Abba
    Stephanie Abba at |

    Done. Thank you for the heads-up on this.

  2. Support Fellow AvGeeks In Airlifting Supplies To Puerto Rico - One Mile at a Time

    […] Seth posted earlier about a supply drive and fundraiser spearheaded by a group of AvGeeks with strong connections to Puerto Rico: […]

  3. Mommy Points
    Mommy Points at |

    Amazon order sent. Thank you to all who are doing this. The sooner the better it seems as far as PR is concerned.

  4. madelyn levin
    madelyn levin at |

    Amazon order sent. Many thanks for doing this. Just shared…

  5. Jeb Stuart Johnston
    Jeb Stuart Johnston at |

    Is there any hope for getting ppl off the island? There are thousands of ppl lining up at the airport (with no ac or water) every morning to be sent out every night when curfew begins. The shelters are packed and businesses arent accepting cc so cash is running out. We are all having flights cancelled left and right and are told that FEMA is in charge of who gets out. The earliest we have been given is Oct 6th. And thats not a guarantee.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      I know that work is being done to try to get a power generator in to bring the radar service back online for the air traffic control services (https://twitter.com/AirlineFlyer/status/912503333167931392). Without that operational the operations are way more limited. I also know that a lot of the flight operations are cargo, not passenger, because of the uncertainty about the operations. There are passenger planes coming in now a handful of times each day but even the largest only carry a couple hundred people. It is really hard to move that many people quickly.

  6. Brad Mixner
    Brad Mixner at |

    I know that defense contractors are working overtime to help however they can, be it generators, airlift, portable communication infrastructure.

  7. Susan DeBruhl
    Susan DeBruhl at |

    Done and shared.

  8. Benet Wilson
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  9. Dave
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    The Amazon wishlist of needed supplies link no longer works. Is there a newer wishlist you can link to? Thanks!