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    The CBC has a vendetta on Air Canada because they can always find a story about someone the airline has “screwed over”. Journalistic standards at the network (Enright works the radio side, hosting the flagship Sunday morning magazine radio show akin to CBS’s “Sunday Morning”) and they’re always on the look out for such “human interest” cum “corporate abuse”. Facts like you’ve mentioned (the study referenced uses a single cabin, limited perks, low fare carrier vs a full service, multi-cabin carrier) seldom get in the way of a good story by reporters and editors who have lived in a vacuum and have no real world experience about which they report! CBC used to be a paragon of journalistic standards but alas no more. As you point out, AC’s boarding process is a zoned one similar to that of other North American full service airlines accounting for elite priority, cabin booked etc. As you’ve likely observed (since you admit to sitting in the back of the plane) too many passengers just can’t seem to quickly stow their bag(s) and get out of the aisle so others can pass by and get to their seats! It is amazing to watch the ineptitude and uncaring attitude of too many travelers when boarding flights!

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