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  1. henry LAX
    henry LAX at |

    not overly surprisingly considering PMNW had a strong focus city (forgot was it officially listed or not) at IND. This flight is probably the ONLY TATL service that IND has, and CDG is a very safe choice.

    On the other hand, if you think about it, the massive (and sudden) expansion of WOW at STL, CLE, CVG, and DTW, this might be a knee-jerk reaction to keep WW at bay for the time being.

    1. Chuck
      Chuck at |

      Best of my knowledge it is the only TATL on offer at IND. Great airport, but (and I mean I’m a native son so I don’t mean this in a rude way) the “international” has long been laugable. I assume they’ve ~always had some Mexico service for vacation seasons, and YYZ / YVR as a matter of course. But it always did feel like customs officers moreso ate donuts than looked at passports.

      It’s an absolutely wonderful airport for its size though! Would be a welcome welcome as compared to, say, ATL in the AM when the customs hall is slammed.

  2. Laetitia Brock
    Laetitia Brock at |

    Interesting ….

  3. Ben
    Ben at |

    Cargo maybe? Does a B757 have the legs for IND-CDG and CDG-IND?

  4. Ross Gale
    Ross Gale at |

    What’s next, united offering service from PIT-FRA?

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      You joke, but I’m honestly a little surprised the A++ JV from Star Alliance hasn’t managed to build up secondary city routes the way the SKYTEAM venture has. I think it is mostly a lack of smaller planes to serve the routes. UA is limited in spare 752s/763s while DL seems to be able to flex its schedule/ops more.

    2. Kyle Scott
      Kyle Scott at |

      That would compete with PIT-FRA on Concord. Delta already has their destination dartboard from PIT-CDG.

    3. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Condor. 😉

      I think that there is something to be said for secondary markets getting more service. I just wonder about the ability for airlines to drive the yields needed to sustain such long term.

    4. Kyle Scott
      Kyle Scott at |

      Seth Miller I don’t know who subsidizes the PIT service but I suspect it is Bayer. Tons of Pittsburghers love then nonstop though. Would be curious about load factors following Wow and Condor entering the market June 2017.

  5. Ben
    Ben at |

    Also, I’d bet DL is getting subsidies to fly this.

  6. Sagar Thakur
    Sagar Thakur at |

    This would be very useful for international asian students studying at IUP and IUB since they would not have to go to Chicago and can do a one stop flight to their destination.

    1. Chuck
      Chuck at |

      Yeah, there are numerous and inexpensive ($25 at most) shuttles from Lafayette (Purdue) and Bloomington (Indiana U) to IND. If you needed to get really anywhere in Europe that would be *way* easier than coordinating something from ORD.

      1. Chuck
        Chuck at |

        Europe or actually now that you mention it, very possibly Asia too 🙂

  7. Tim Murphy
    Tim Murphy at |

    There’s a rumor in the AA forum on Flyertalk that AA is also considering service from IND, CVG, PIT, or CMH to Europe

  8. Brad Mixner
    Brad Mixner at |

    Pharmaceutical Express

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      I know RDU has that. I didn’t realize IND does as well.

    2. Brad Mixner
      Brad Mixner at |

      Eli Lilly & Co GHQ is in Indy

  9. Charles Kennedy
    Charles Kennedy at |

    it’s not a bad city

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Which one?? 😉

      I’m not doubting the city, but I’m intrigued at the apparent latent demand, particularly year-round. The government subsidies help offset that, of course.

    2. Barry Marc Goldberg
      Barry Marc Goldberg at |

      Seth Miller isn’t VP Pence from Indiana?

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  11. Ivan Acosta
    Ivan Acosta at |

    *eye roll*
    All these towns getting non-stop service to Europe while growing & popular towns like Austin get crumbs

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Yeah…only 2 flights already, more than most non-hub cities of a similar size. 😉

    2. Brad Mixner
      Brad Mixner at |

      Didn’t Condor increase service already?

  12. Raymond Chiu
    Raymond Chiu at |

    Delta Dart Board back in action?

  13. Mike
    Mike at |

    Eli Lilly and Company is headquartered in Indy, but we also have Cummins in Columbus, Roache Diagnostics, Allison Transmission, Salesforce has a big presence too.

    And we have a DL Club! I’m
    Happy to to have to schlep to ORD, IAD, ATL or EWR.

  14. Kathryn Creedy
    Kathryn Creedy at |

    More like UA’s chairman’s flight. Mike pence is from Indiana

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