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  1. Arguendo
    Arguendo at |

    The “winners” will be the parties conveying HyperScam the biggest taxpayer subsidies!

  2. Stephen Trimble
    Stephen Trimble at |

    So much for that DC-NY route that Elon Musk said was approved a few months ago.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Hahaha….indeed. I actually wonder if it was even in the application pool for this effort.

    2. howie ray
      howie ray at |

      I mean the DC-NYC route faces the same problem as HSR for building..

    3. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      One of the main ideas behind Hyperloop One is that it is all underground. The Boring Company is drilling the tunnels.

      That’s supposed to ease construction and right-of-way issues. Also creates safety questions, particularly in a low pressure tube, and other issues. But not as hard as buying a ton of mostly premium value land to build rail that people have to live next to.

  3. Andrew Fielding
    Andrew Fielding at |

    lol Cheyenne, Denver, Pueblo

    1. Stephen Trimble
      Stephen Trimble at |

      And Dallas-LAREDO-Houston. Not Dallas-Austin-Houston. Not Dallas-San Antonio-Houston. Dallas-Laredo-Houston.

    2. Andrew Fielding
      Andrew Fielding at |

      Stephen Trimble yeah at least two big cities though…only route that would kill it in CO would be ft Collins, boulder-Denver-springs

    3. Denny Butts
      Denny Butts at |

      I think the logic with those cities is that you’d take light rail from those stations. Hi-speed rail keeps being suggested but Cheyenne to Albuquerque with Denver, COS stops too. One can only dream for a great people mover system on the front range.

    4. Warner Hocker
      Warner Hocker at |

      Stephen Trimble , the proposed route actually connects up the “Golden Triangle” of Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas, and I guess they threw in a spur down to Laredo to catch trans-border traffic of some sort. The proposed track looks a bit like a misshapen lambda:

  4. John Walton
    John Walton at |

    Glasgow-Liverpool wtaf

  5. Amol Koldhekar
    Amol Koldhekar at |

    Lot of Pittsburgh on the blog today ????

  6. Elizabeth Houck
    Elizabeth Houck at |

    No SFO – LAX route because of the High Speed Rail stuff.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Maybe the existing HSR project limits that viability. But most of the winning bids are shorter or multi-city operations so that also probably limits the viability to start.

      But also, the existing HSR project in California is still low speed into the city centers, right? It is a strange plan out there.

  7. Corey
    Corey at |

    I think Toronto – Montreal has a real chance here. There’s a huge amount of high-margin travel demand between the two cities, and I can see the Canadian government getting approvals through faster than the conglomeration of federal-state-local regulatory bodies that would have oversight in the US.

  8. Denny Butts
    Denny Butts at |

    I think Hyperloop should consider a model of moving freight first before passengers. You could move tons of freight to pay for the project and test for test for the passenger system.

    I read somewhere how they dream of a China to US under the ocean route would be cool. This would be great to move products quickly like iPhones and other products cheaper than planes and boats. You need to run that as non-passenger route for a while before I’d want to whoosh under the ocean.

  9. Alastair Majury
    Alastair Majury at |

    Thanks for sharing an update on Hyperloop technologies and routes. Regards, Alastair Majury