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  1. Dave
    Dave at |

    Lol at the idiot

  2. TheSterlingTraveler
    TheSterlingTraveler at |

    That idiot probably thinks the world is flat as well.

  3. Shane Kesterke
    Shane Kesterke at |

    “that idiot” was asking a serious question that every person reading this did not know the answer to at some point in their lives. Kind of lame of you to belittle him for trying to learn something…

    1. Sice
      Sice at |

      I’d expect my 12 year old to ask that question and I’d also expect my 16 year old to wonder why it flew that way and to look for more info. This guy should have fallen into the 16 year old category…

  4. andrew
    andrew at |

    You missed the fact that the first “rescue” flight shipped off just first and business passengers. Much to the chagrin of elites in coach.

  5. C
    C at |

    Sounds like 500 eu 261 claims will be filed

    1. Brendan Joseph Madden
      Brendan Joseph Madden at |

      “I did not arrive at my destination within six hours”

  6. Alan
    Alan at |

    How do we file a claim?

  7. Richard Chen
    Richard Chen at |

    HAH to “the idiot”. I’d short his whole portfolio of anti-science.

  8. Dave
    Dave at |

    Great summary. Thanks for posting! Lol at the idiot. This is why I like reading blogs for my AV news you get a little personal flavor that the boring AP wouldn’t give you.

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