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  1. Kush Patel
    Kush Patel at |

    Every airline employee: Challenge Accpeted

  2. Lack
    Lack at |

    I think you’re wrong on the MCT issue in MEX. It’s only relevant if you were trying to purchase the SFO-MEX-LHR ticket (with or without the other flights). You can certainly get those flights individually and be only constrained by the 60min rule.

  3. Rami
    Rami at |

    As far as I know there is no transit in Mexico. Just like in the US you need to clear immigration and the security again.

  4. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth at |

    I’m so in. Great job Seth!

  5. Elizabeth Houck
    Elizabeth Houck at |

    I’m so in. Great Itn Seth.