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  1. Scott C
    Scott C at |

    This is good news but until the law very specifically compels payment or big penalties such that an airline will pay and be done, this is all a royal pain. I am going through this with Iberia and they have dragged their feet and used every excuse to not pay. Only after getting an investigation done by the Spanish aviation authority overseeing EU261 was I able to get them to agree to pay. I am still waiting for payment months after Iberia agreeing to pay me in writing. The latest tactic is to keep requesting more information from me in order to make payment. Each request is spaced out several weeks and takes me asking them what the status of payment is.

  2. Deltahater
    Deltahater at |

    Good to know.

    LO lost my luggage on NRT-WAW-TLV for 4 days and they refuse to provide even basic compensation. Do you have a company you recommend who can help me assert my rights against LO in the EU? Their customer service department refused responsibility.


  3. Flo
    Flo at |

    Wow, flights back in 2011

  4. thawardtourist
    thawardtourist at |

    it is a good outcome for all but I’m surprised someone decided to sue over 300 euros

  5. Daniel Tuazon
    Daniel Tuazon at |

    It may mean broader terms to claim EU261.

    It doesn’t make it any easier to extract the blood from the stone.