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  1. henry LAX
    henry LAX at |

    it’s funny they’re making airlines waste time with this route authority exercise in which

    (a) airlines submit everything theoretically possible that has nothing to do with commercial viability, and
    (b) the regulatory essentially blanket approves it (the 3 denied were just to pretend they actually looked at it)

  2. Sean Roebuck
    Sean Roebuck at |

    No LAS?

  3. Livea Byrne
    Livea Byrne at |

    Wish SWF was on the long haul list!

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Can’t get from SWF to Argentina on a 737 and I strongly doubt the 787s are coming in any time soon.

  4. Edgardo
    Edgardo at |

    Just a clarification: there’s still another step, which is for the Argentinian “DOT” equivalent to actually approve these routes.

    What happened yesterday is that the JATA (Air Transport Advisory Board) proposed these routes to be approved, but then the “AR DOT” has to review what the JATA said and publish the administrative act.

    The most likely thing to happen is that they approve everything the JATA says, or even a little more (e.g., in March the JATA recommended the approval of 78 routes for Flybondi, but then the AR DOT approved 85)

    The 3 routes that were not approved for Norwegian Air Argentina were: Córdoba – Rosario, Córdoba – Bariloche and Córdoba – El Calafate.

    Anyway, a lot of bureaucracy over here…..it is what has kept our commercial aviation industry so behind

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