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  1. Chris
    Chris at |

    Maybe this will lead to a Borat sequel

  2. 02nz
    02nz at |

    To address your confusion over the x and the q: The x (a hard h sound, corresponding to the kh in Kazakh) in the Cyrillic alphabet was used in the Russian word for Kazakh to avoid confusion with the word for Cossack – the two words sound very close if both of the q’s in the word Qazaq are rendered as k’s, so the second q was rendered as kh instead. But Qazaq is indeed the closest transliteration from Kazakh to English.

    This is a little like the oddity of the transliteration “Farsi” – the f is in there only because of a third language, Arabic, which has no p’s. The closest direct transliteration is Parsi (= Persian).

  3. Oliver Trojak
    Oliver Trojak at |

    They should have thought ahead of the curve and gone straight to an emoticon alphabet.

  4. Kathy Hart
    Kathy Hart at |

    Sharon Payne

    1. Sharon Payne
      Sharon Payne at |

      Sheesh! Tough enough to spell now. Thanks Kathy!

    2. Sheri Spero
      Sheri Spero at |

      They’ve changed their capital numerous time too I think

  5. Anthony
    Anthony at |

    Ironically just as the USA switches to Cyrillic in time for the 2020 election.

  6. Hajime Sano
    Hajime Sano at |

    You guys are awesome! Some of the comments had me cracking up.

  7. Austin Foo
    Austin Foo at |

    There’s normally no Q’s on any airport departure boards except… Quito

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      ABQ, too, if it doesn’t have to be the first letter.

    2. Austin Foo
      Austin Foo at |

      One more – Quebec City

    3. Dave102
      Dave102 at |

      Queretaro Mexico (QRO) has non-stops from Houston

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  9. Ella
    Ella at |

    Well, my globe was up to date for over a year. I guess these days that’s pretty good!