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  1. Gene Kaskiw
    Gene Kaskiw at |

    YES! Saw this about an hour ago and was equally perplexed

  2. Seth Kaplan
    Seth Kaplan at |

    Yup… I didn’t have as full a reaction as you did (although I don’t disagree with anything you said)… But my first thought was that it might make a little more sense if the context was that they will finally begin assigning seats. Because if there is one airline that can’t get me teary-eyed about how special the occupant of a particular seat is, it’s the airline that doesn’t even know what seat anyone is sitting in.

  3. Tom
    Tom at |

    It would be better if they just didn’t need to fly to the final game and got a refund to be used later rather than paying a $200 change fee.

  4. Chris
    Chris at |

    My thought was how did they manage to get that many seats for a flight that day?. Most the time there is not that much availability for a SW flight same day.

  5. Richard Chen
    Richard Chen at |

    I doubt even the ad agency producing understood any of our shared thoughts, sigh.

  6. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    I think everyone is overthinking. It was meant to be amusing and to get attention.

  7. George
    George at |

    They just need to change the ending (and get rid of the seat assignments- clearly the ad agency folks don’t fly southwest).

    Close up of the coach looking at the tickets they will no longer use, sudden inspiration, then cut to all the players sitting on the beach.

    The real advantage with Southwest fares is the ability to use the amount as a full credit towards another ticket. That is really a unique difference.