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  1. Henry Harteveldt
    Henry Harteveldt at |

    I wonder if Ed Wegel will be more successful with his attempt to revive World Airways.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      I have my doubts. LatAm has an already growing LCC market that can easily reach north to the USA with existing fleets. Deep South America could use the 787s World is planning, though. And so can Asia, where there is greater potential. But also 12-15 hour stage lengths rather than 6-10. That does affect pax expectations and costs.

      Also, I wonder about using a name that hasn’t seen passenger service in 30+ years. Who is that supposed to be targeting? The consumer isn’t going to flock to an airline because of that name. But i guess it is useful to hoodwink some deep pockets??

  2. Stephen Trimble
    Stephen Trimble at |

    But Angelhaha Airline lives.

  3. Joshua Sauberman
    Joshua Sauberman at |

    We used Eastern on the 2016 campaign trail. Here’s a shot I took of Eastern in Havana.

  4. Seth Kaplan
    Seth Kaplan at |

    Fortunately, DOT cannot revoke the operating certificates of imaginary airlines. http://easternairlinesvirtual.com/www/index.php

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    Sounds to me like Ed Wegel made a profit out of the Eastern name and had no use for it anymore. Why else would one give up and walk away or be forced out the door. Research the list of airlines that he’s worked for the huge majority don’t exist anymore, call it what you will but there’s a fishy pattern here. Now he’s trying to bring back World Airways? Why not try to fight and keep eastern airlines afloat? Instead he thinks bringing back another old airline will do something. Give me a break, if he actually cared about eastern he would have done way more. Instead he’s torn people’s hearts again making them relive what they already did back in 1991.