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  1. Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren
    Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren at |

    I’d agree. And I’m right there with you on hit and run. Often that’s all you get time for.

  2. Sean Mendis
    Sean Mendis at |

    I did about 13 consecutive months of international travel every single week in 2006-2007. NEVER again. The only people who think this sounds like fun are those who don’t understand what it involves.

  3. Sean Roebuck
    Sean Roebuck at |

    I hope you don’t have to go in the order of their list.

  4. Cynthia Drescher
    Cynthia Drescher at |

    Not applying. I could absolutely do it, but the thing that holds me back is the criticism the winner will face. Everyone will believe they could do a better job and, as 52 places in 52 weeks leaves little time to truly get to know a place and its people, they probably could. And there’s knowing that I’m not the personality they’re seeking. I daydreamed about it for the first day the “job posting” was live, but I recognized that it’s the same sort of high given from playing lottery numbers — you’re buying a few hours of imagining yourself hopping helicopters and phoning home from Fiji, but it will never come to be more than those few hours of buoyant hopefulness.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Also, do you really believe the budget for the position will be such that you’ll have the helicopter hops and high life travels? I’m skeptical of that and many other bits.

      And last I checked NYT doesn’t accept comps from tourism boards and such so the expenses budget very much should a consideration of this position.

    2. Caroline Lupini
      Caroline Lupini at |

      I replied just for shits and giggles, but I’m 99.99999% sure that I won’t hear anything back. Even if I do, it will at that point be up to me to decide if it’s something I *actually* want to do.

    3. Cynthia Drescher
      Cynthia Drescher at |

      Seth Miller Yes, no comps. They’d be paying for it all, something clarified by Monica Drake (editor), but her response makes it seem like all this will be in economy class, too, so hopefuls need to account for getting sick during the year, and be mindful of DVT warning signs.

  5. Patrick Le Quere
    Patrick Le Quere at |

    Spot on.

  6. Maxim Kovalchuk
    Maxim Kovalchuk at |

    I feel like that what I did this year from Jan to Jul. But on my own terms. No pressure to write it up

  7. Joel Anderson
    Joel Anderson at |

    I agree. I’ve done this before, 2009-11, in primarily F and C, and found it exhausting. I’ve advised others against doing anything similar.

    Seeing it’s an NYT gig, I can’t imagine their budget would be anything near a corporate travel budget for flights, room, and board. After awhile, it was draining in F/C. My gestalt says doing it in Y would be much worse.

    The more confined quarters of Y, combined with what is likely to be some lower end hotels, will probably have a result in being sick in some places you really don’t want to be sick.

  8. Mike
    Mike at |

    I don’t know enough about the offer to made a judgement on its merits, but I know enough about my travel habits to know the assignment would bring me no joy. I like to hit the ground and either leave the next day or stay put for weeks, depending. I travel to see what I can learn about myself, really. Having been 15 years a newspaper reporter, I believe the old truism that four reporters sent to cover the same story can be reasonably expected to return with four different stories. And since any general assignment reporter writing to deadline will be called to task when her work is parsed by a credentialed expert in the field, the lucky winner will get a lot of heat. Still, if they’d made it 12 stories and 12 destinations in 52 weeks, I’d have applied and crossed my fingers for luck.

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  10. George
    George at |

    I’d argue differently- looking at previous 52 places lists, I’d estimate I know half of them pretty well. So for those, I could do an overnight trip, blog about familiar places or catch up with an old Friend.

    So that leaves 26 places to explore in detail over the 52 weeks- a couple of weeks in some, only a week in the smaller places- definitely doable without feeling rushed.

    I don’t get sick much, but if you can knock off 3-4 buffer in the first month, you could take a couple of weeks off and still meet the publishing deadlines.

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