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  1. Karen
    Karen at |

    Yes, this is disgusting behavior, and the crew didn’t handle it well. But bless you for coming up with a classy – and probably very effective – way for passengers to deal with situations like this.
    As a woman, I’ve run into jerks on planes, but none as bad as this guy.

  2. Joe
    Joe at |

    If you stood in the aisle and didn’t allow the plane to push back, YOU’D be the one in trouble. Do you have time to be arrested, booked, arraigned and later go to court?

    1. Robert
      Robert at |

      If that’s the easiest way then so be it. It’s about time we stand up for what’s right, even if that means we have some extra hassle for it.

  3. Marisa Green
    Marisa Green at |

    Thank you so much for sharing and for speaking up.

  4. Matt Lindenberg
    Matt Lindenberg at |

    Not to minimize your point, which is a very important one (and well said).

    But just to have some fun: First time I have ever heard Seth say, “No need to get confrontational.”

    1. Tommy Danielsen
      Tommy Danielsen at |

      He has said it to me a couple of times. Once at the Sofitel in Munich

  5. dan
    dan at |

    It is the responsibility of the airline and the airline alone to ensure passenger safety. The only recourse you have is not to fly with the airline and ask to deplane. That also goes for any other guest who does not feel comfortable. It is against federal law for you to disobey an order of the flight crew and especially the pilot. If you continue with your aisle plan then you should be held accountable and be charged and forced to reimburse any expense incurred by your unruly behavior. All we need is a bunch of vigilantes like yourself creating chaos at airports. You surely have no right to interfere with flight operations.

  6. Michael d
    Michael d at |

    Did the “lewd” passenger have a mental condition and was incapable (i.e. had a disability) which prevented him from “filtering” his remarks?

    1. gobluetwo
      gobluetwo at |

      I suppose if you consider alcoholism and general chauvinism mental conditions, then yes. Certainly not anything like Tourette’s syndrome, if that’s what you’re suggesting.

  7. Mark
    Mark at |

    I wonder if Alaska Air would be taking this as seriously as it now seems to be if this wasn’t coming from Mark Zuckerberg’s sister?

    Just a horrible situation and Alaska Air + other airlines seem like they don’t have good policies/training in place to deal with these situations and take them seriously.

    My girlfriend made an interesting point that perhaps if the flight attendants were women they probably have to deal with drunk men treating them like this frequently so they sadly have to shutdown/become desensitized to this horrible abuse in order to carry on and not breakdown. And so hence they didn’t find this as shocking as the general public does and hence didn’t take action.

    Something needs to be done at a policy level to avoid this crap from happening over and over again.

  8. Michael d
    Michael d at |

    You know he didn’t have Tourette’s or some other problem? Not every drunk on a plane lost their filter.

    I mean I am not on first name basis with Mark’s sister, but if I were hypothesizing what happened and what I would do if I were confronted with such a situation I would eliminate that possibility before I imagined I would hold up a flight. 🙂

    If every time some drunk/loud mouth offended someone, that person stood in the aisle until the pilot remedied;removed one or both of them from the plane, it would probably be statistically observable in the on time statistics.

    Anyone else complain about the flight? If the guy was a known issue seems like there should be a trail.

  9. Dave
    Dave at |

    I don’t think it’s that Alaska (or any other airline) doesn’t have effective training in place to address harassment / insensitive customers. In fact, airlines typically do a very good job with that type of training. The issue at hand, I think, is the legacy airline culture of avoiding confrontation with high-mile elite FFs and high-dollar full-fare customers. I know in my 10 years at United, especially, we’d avoid any sort of intervention with high-value customers unless they were blatantly violating regulations. Right or not, we would often turn a blind eye to them being obnoxious, loud, and things like that. We were told to never, ever upset our best customers. I’m not justifying the behavior. I’m just trying to explain why the FAs may have behaved the way they did.

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  11. Richard Chen
    Richard Chen at |

    Mad respect for your excellent classy method here which I will use if ever necessary. Aviation and world are better for your contributions, thank you. Such flagrant disrespect of our ladies will not continue.

    1. Peter
      Peter at |

      Ditto. I enjoyed this piece and will keep this tactic in mind. Sometimes it’s just not an option to leave a fellow human being oppressed, and what you propose is the most diplomatic approach.

  12. Elizabeth Houck
    Elizabeth Houck at |

    I had an FA move me from Biz to First because the pax next to me was drunk and getting obnoxiously ‘fresh’ with me. They also cut him off. Those were the days…

  13. Esteban
    Esteban at |

    We do seem to go from zero to sixty pretty quickly on allegations these days. From what I understand, in pretty much all these sexual dust-ups (Conyers, Franken, this guy, etc) there’s one person’s word/allegation against another. In an effort to show the rest of the world moral superiority, everyone jumps on the condemnation train without a second thought. For some, like Seth, that’s not enough so he takes to proposing solutions to a problem (despite the problem’s actual existence having yet to be verified). But hey, why get bogged down with seeking out the facts of a case when you can instead skip straight ahead to casting yourself as a modern-day Rosa Parks on a plane, now battling against sexism? What a dream!

    To be sure, a fair amount of the many allegations hurled around in pop culture today could be true. But folks today demand instant emotional gratification. Investigation and fact finding just takes too long. So for the innocent who stand accused? Acceptable collateral damage, right? Cultural Marxism once again rears its ugly head.

    1. Jim
      Jim at |

      Very well said. Thank you for expressing my thoughts about this matter better than I could.