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  1. Henry LAX
    Henry LAX at |

    Flew it on LX VCE ZRH over the summer – it definitely lives up to expectation. Spacious airy cabin with ample shoulder room in 2-3 config. Very large overhead bins (relative to fuselage size). I rarely get so giddy onboard a plane this size.

    if you think the E-175 is all that amazing you haven’t seen nothing yet.

    I applaud all airlines that have made the wise choice of the C-Series purchase.

  2. Bill
    Bill at |

    A year ago I booked an Avro 100 leg from GVA to ZRH as part of a ten leg UA award,ticket.
    Later schedule change was switched to the CS100. Bu,med about a last opportunity to fly the great BA 146 derivative, but excited to fly the new, great single aisle CS100.
    Another schedule change a month before the trip was to an A319….
    Not cool…

  3. jnrfalcon
    jnrfalcon at |

    That Merlot is free???

  4. easyd
    easyd at |

    I would like to see JetBlue retire their E190s and replace them with CSeries planes. With the new Airbus connection and JetBlue’s history with Airbus, maybe?

  5. JK
    JK at |

    Flew it last night LUX-ZRH. Nice overhead bin space, good windows, and nice to have the maps to look at. Ventilation system was shockingly loud.


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