Video: Seventy years of ATC over Britain and What’s next??

I’m always a big fan of data and cool visualizations and the team at NATS, the UK group responsible for managing air traffic flow in the country, is spectacular at delivering great stuff on that front. This time around it is a quick video that highlights the changes in air traffic in the UK over the past 70 years. It is pretty darn cool.

The video is part of a larger effort to introduce significant changes to airspace management. That drive is coming on the heels of the Brexit vote and the opportunity for air traffic management to be overhauled as part of that transition. It is essentially a propaganda piece, pushing for GPS-based navigation and air space control.

Without modernisation the airspace above us simply won’t cope with the volumes predicted without widespread delays and cancellations, something that will affect the future of millions of jobs.

As the UK leaves the European Union and forges its own trade deals around the world, our aviation infrastructure will never have been more important.

I know change is difficult, but it is also necessary and urgent.

But I’m mostly not certain that matters. Because, yes, ATC does need to evolve globally, Brexit or otherwise. And if those efforts keep delivering these cool videos I’m all sorts of happy.

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