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  1. cliburn
    cliburn at |

    Too bad DL does not have an interline agreement with AA to help re-route effected passengers from ATL connections…..

  2. Joe R
    Joe R at |

    When do we find out they blame it on the lowest-seniority minimum-wage subcontractor?

  3. mark
    mark at |

    “Somewhat ironically, that announcement came in Detroit.” Why is that “ironically?”

    “One cannot help but wonder a little bit if the carrier tempted fate a bit too much during comments at the company’s investor day briefing last week.” Are you serious?

  4. Suzy Miller
    Suzy Miller at |

    Glad today was my day to be home

  5. Chris Staab
    Chris Staab at |

    I was on DL flying via Atlanta coming from Bogota on Friday December 8th and it was a nightmare, too. There was a little bit of snow at ATL and a total lack of de-icing equipment. Delta staff was lacking to help with the mess as well, because apparently Georgians can’t drive in light snow to get to work. So, the lack of communication from Delta was noticeable. I was delayed 7+ hours and ended up on the only flight that day that made it to PIT, where I live. The other passengers going to PIT (and many other cities!) were stuck in Atlanta for 1 to 2 days to be re-accommodated due to Delta’s high load factors. And I called Hilton to check for a room just in case and even as a Diamond, I could not get a room within 30 miles. So, people were going to be sleeping on the airport floor. This was the very week that DL’s CEO bragged that DL would not have another meltdown. But I experienced a meltdown that week on DL.

  6. Jonathan Schooley
    Jonathan Schooley at |

    Patrick Ziarnowski

  7. Robert
    Robert at |

    I’m confused how DL is at fault for the power outage and its effects. The Airport and GA Power need to be taken to the woodshed for routing the primary and redundant power sources through the same passages, whatever architect designed that should refund his/her wages.

    As for a new DL data center, one was badly needed if it was the same one I worked in 17 years ago. I worked at Worldspan, in the same building as DL Tech, and our Worldspan CEO was worried that the datacenter sat just off the cargo terminal at the airport and that we’d be put out of business if a plane crashed into our building. Good for them for upgrading, it’s about time!