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  1. Ryan Hoult
    Ryan Hoult at |

    Oh lovely. Happy to be coming for a visit this week.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Holler if you have time for a drink (and actually make it in!).

  2. howie ray
    howie ray at |

    Some terrible operational decisions by intl carriers… This was completely avoidable and the US airlines got it right by cancelling early.

    1. Peter
      Peter at |

      Easy to say, but most of the international flight departed with weather forecast not remotely as bad as forecast (remember a lot of ULR flight depart up to 15-16 hours before the storm hit), so they depart with the expectation that they have weather forecast indicating weather that is good enough to land. As for cancelling other flights and return the plane empty instead of trying to fly the diverted flight into JFK and carrier delayed pax… people need to reali3 that it is much more difficult to restore an ULR operations, flying an empty plane back to an international airline home based is a missed opportunity to try to recover the schedule (even if it means delay on the ground for 5-6 or more hours, as the alternative is to fly another plane in that will takes over 15-16 hours to get there plus the time to get the required crew). Also, cancelling a flight doesn’t mean you don’t have to re-accommodate the passengers one way or the other, to clear the passenger backlog can take weeks. So it is a much easier thing for domestic carrier to deal with this and recover their schedule then for international carrier.

  3. Seth Miller
    Seth Miller at |

    The PANYNJ finally stepped in and is limiting arrivals for T1/4/7 due to long turn times and potential gridlock. This should’ve been in place on Friday morning when the field reopened.

  4. Ross Kronick
    Ross Kronick at |

    JetBlue was a horror show… they chose to delay and not cancel. Friday departures were being rebooked for Tuesday. They have not learned a thing over the years.

  5. Bruce Kane
    Bruce Kane at |

    This is how a world class airport operates? Maybe Joe Biden should have included JFK with LGA as “third world”?

  6. Stefano Zanero
    Stefano Zanero at |

    JFK is really a mess.

  7. Charlie
    Charlie at |

    I flew out of JFK on Friday with Turkish. Our flight was 2 hours delayed in landing at JFK and then we kept getting our destitute pushed back before sitting on the runway for almost 2 hours.
    The mess at JFK expands to other airports as well. Should have seen Istanbul this morning as the result of just that one plane being 4 hours late (lot of people mad that TK chose to just move people to flights 24 hours later instead of accommodating them on partner airlines for same day arrival).

  8. Greg
    Greg at |

    Bring in Joe Patroni from MSP or IAD.

  9. Tim Murphy
    Tim Murphy at |

    Do you think it will be back to normal Wednesday? I’m supposed to fly through JFK then.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |


  10. Andreas Mowinckel
    Andreas Mowinckel at |

    That’s how it goes when you’re trying to drive 10 sticks into six holes. You should think they had been through this before ..

  11. Livea Byrne
    Livea Byrne at |

    Had to drive back from Pittsburg yesterday because I couldn’t get a flight to Stewart even though the airport never closed. Quite a sight to see the giant A380 that was diverted from JFK next to the tiny terminal!

    1. Richard Chen
      Richard Chen at |

      Assume you mean PIT (Pittsburgh, PA) which is 7h driving from SWF (Newburgh, NY) & not PTS (PIttsburg, KS – Atkinson).

    2. Linnea Hartsuyker
      Linnea Hartsuyker at |

      Yowch! That’s a long drive

  12. Reid B Fishler
    Reid B Fishler at |

    LGA comes out looking great! 😛

  13. Mike Smithers
    Mike Smithers at |

    Was on Asiana flight that got diverted to Chicago. Asiana was great in Chicago. Hotel, food all taken care of with a smile and care. Even had Asiana staff at the hotel to help out with trips to drug stores etc. They drove passengers in their own cars. Took what could have been hell and made is a comfortable experience. Ended up getting to JFK 5pm on Friday. Had to wait 3 hours to get off the plane. But really did not want to since Asiana flight attendants are awesome. Baggage area was a mess with only two carousels for all the flights but Asiana had big team there to help out passengers. Actually they where the only airline with a team at the baggage area.

  14. Brian Connell
    Brian Connell at |

    Wife is on JL3 now. Original departure was 11am yesterday. At about 3p the crew timed out and rescheduled to 240am. Left about 5am this morning.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      T1 has been the worst so far (and typically it). Two other inbound JAL flights diverted last night. Fortunately things should start to clear up there today with the block on new inbound flights that lack confirmed gate space.

    2. Brian Connell
      Brian Connell at |

      Seth Miller yeah the big issue is space and crew timing out. As JL3 had both, they should have prioritized its departure. It was further delayed because they didn’t have enough meals or water. Epic fail.

  15. Richard Chen
    Richard Chen at |

    Add to that the T4 closure 13:30-19:00 today due to water pipe break or T4 gate B23 fist fights as SE041 was delayed 57h from JAN05 02:30 to JAN07 11:50. Ouch.

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