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  1. Richard Chen
    Richard Chen at |

    Even our beloved world of civil aviation must rise against the threats which the deconstruction of the administrative state causes to our beloved world of flying. Truth and seemingly unobjectable practices are now all threatened. As the orange man-child attacks even law enforcement, service members, and the foreign service, civil aviation is certainly easily attacked. We must defend it.

  2. Bruce Schobel
    Bruce Schobel at |

    “Under my leadership, the sun rose every morning in the East. During the Obama disaster, it didn’t always do that. Remember?” What a moron.

  3. Lalana Janlekha Green
    Lalana Janlekha Green at |

    BLOTUS as usual (biggest liar of the US)

  4. Garrett Hartsuyker
    Garrett Hartsuyker at |

    Like giving the rooster credit for the sunrise…