So long, Baltia. Again.

Everybody’s favorite New York City/Ypsilanti-based airline that has spent decades nowhere close to actually flying is now legally prevented from trying, at least on the one international route it was previously authorized for. The Department of Transportation revoked Baltia’s operating authority today to fly between New York City and St. Petersburg, Russia.

By this order, we revoke for dormancy the certificate of public convenience and necessity issued to Baltia Air Lines, Inc. (“Baltia”) by Order 2009-3-7 authorizing it to engage in scheduled foreign air transportation of persons, property, and mail.

The route authority was issued in 2009 and the DoT expected that service would launch within the year to keep the authority active. Nearly a decade later it is clear that Baltia is never going to fly.

The company withdrew its application to the FAA for air carrier certification meaning it wouldn’t be allowed to operate commercial flights. The DoT sent a letter to the carrier in September 2017 announcing its intention to revoke the route authority. The company didn’t bother to respond.

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The route authority disappearing doesn’t really matter, of course, since the company isn’t planning to fly. But had it been thinking about such there was always the option for domestic operations. Back in 2016 the company decided that “Baltia” really stood for a hub at Baltimore with three spokes: “BAL” + “T” / “I” / “A” (Trenton, Islip, Albany). That was a pretty ridiculous assertion, of course, and it never went anywhere. Because the “airline” would appear to have no plans to ever go anywhere.

On the plus side, Barry Clare, formerly VP Finance, agreed back in late 2016 to pay more than a million dollars in fines related to his efforts to push company stock sales:

[T]he Commission found that, from March 2011 through March 2015, the Respondent violated federal securities laws while serving as the Vice President of Finance at Baltia Air Lines, Inc. (“Baltia”) by acting as an unregistered broker for sales of Baltia’s common stock to investors.

Alas, as best I can tell none of that money goes back to the folks he bilked.

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  1. Well, they’re USGlobal now … They Need to form an alliance with Avatar Airlines and World Airways .. ‘Global World Avatar’? That will bring some investors in …..

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