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  1. DaninMCI
    DaninMCI at |

    Jetblue is missing some things. I know they don’t have to be all things to all people but considering Dublin while having huge route network holes in the USA doesn’t make sense to me personally.

  2. Paul Brown
    Paul Brown at |

    “Rabidly loyal” ????‍♂️

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      I may have had you in mind with that comment. ????

    2. Dan Kohout
      Dan Kohout at |

      Well Paul you are #1 on badges I’m a lowly mid 200’s. With anything there definitely is a cult following for JetBlue. Even through cancellations and sometimes long delays. We’re tried and true to JetBlue. Thank you Seth for your great reporting as usual

    3. David Canty
      David Canty at |

      I love TrueBlue and TrueBlue badges

  3. Marshall
    Marshall at |

    Flying to London is very expensive. How would Jetblue get the slots for LHR or LGW? Will Emirates give them one of theirs?
    I would love to see Jetblue attempt to make this work but they’d have a few things going against them.
    They are unknown in Europe
    They have zero slots and acquiring them would be difficult
    They would have zero connections on the other side
    No lounge access which is important to business travelers
    And of course setting up shop in an expensive city
    After that then the competition would begin. BOS-LON: 4 BA, 1 DL, 1 VS, 1 DY

    1. Rob
      Rob at |

      That is reason behind the codesharing agreements. In fact, at some point they wanted to change it to JB but Dave said it would be too expensive and the B6 is what people have gotten to know. (Thanks to the awesome Mr Neelman). The philosophy behind it is FREE MARKETING. Its the cheapest and best way to get the name out there and make people curious and look up for the airline and it’s services. A third of JetBlue’s income was thanks to interline agreements, and thats when Dave Barger was still CEO. Today that number might be higher. It makes total sense to grow elsewhere, where people are willing to spend the money. I’d like to see how it’s going to play out with the crew though. The pilots are in process of their first contract, flight attendants are unionizing soon and after that is ground crew. If they need to make a move they have to do it now before a contract is made. That way the financial status of the airline is considered when the contract is negotiated. This would impact the contract negotiations as of what the airline can provide for pay and other scheduling accommodations. B6 now have the “flexibility” to manage crew policies because they have not enter into any agreement that might pull more money for payroll than what its pulling now.

  4. Napmaster
    Napmaster at |

    Loyal customer here from its first year!. London is a great idea. jetblue doesnt need network in Europe, just partner with another airline like Easyjet!

  5. Ryan ali
    Ryan ali at |

    I think jet blue will kill it. They me need a 777 aircraft. I think this will be a win win.

  6. Virginia Lennox
    Virginia Lennox at |

    How about Jet Blue traveling to Saint Vincent from JFK even if they did a weekly flight during the high season December thru April


    How about going to Toronto Canada

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