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  1. Brad Mixner
    Brad Mixner at |

    China has “controlled” this designation for decades and, well, controls a massive amount of our debt and trade. The Administration can bluster all they may, but China will do as it pleases. Heck, remember when airlines had “Asia” fleets so they could service both Taiwan and the mainland?

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Indeed, the “Asia” carriers from BA and KLM (and others, I’m sure) are another great example.

      I know that this affects far more than just the US carriers but I really wonder how much is tied to the festering trade war we’re facing.

    2. Michael J. Graven
      Michael J. Graven at |

      You misspelled “rampant dumbassery”

  2. Brian Lynch
    Brian Lynch at |

    The irony of the Trump administration admonishing anyone for “Orwellian nonsense” is rich. Absolutely rich.

  3. Peter
    Peter at |

    That’s not true in terms of Aviation, if China decides to block US carrier website, the US can simply ban Chinese Airline flying to USA and subsequently US carrier will also lost their ability to fly to China. But with the Chinese having more frequency to USA and most US carrier can’t seem to make money on routes to China. It is almost a good thing, and will only hurt the Chinese airline more.

  4. George
    George at |

    Peter, are you insane? There’s a huge difference between blocking web content, which most countries do (including the US, under the TWEA), and banning flights, which would be a massive escalation of the trade war.

    Countries get to choose what their citizens get to see, so I doubt there would be any US response to blocking of US airlines’ websites. We certainly didn’t do anything about the blocking of Google or Facebook, which has a much larger financial impact. US Airlines just have to choose between selling to people in China, or listing Taiwan as a separate country.

    In the end, how is this really any different from the US and UN positions, which don’t recognise Taiwan as an independent country? Even Taiwan has not made a Declaration of Independence.