Next for the Hi Fly A380? Perhaps Israel??

Word on the street is that Hi Fly is planning a trip to Tel Aviv with its A380. Israeli outlets are reporting that the operator made inquiries of authorities at Ben Gurion International Airport to ensure that the facilities could support A380 operations in advance of scheduling future flights.

It is unclear which airline this charter would operate on behalf of or even how likely it is to come to fruition, but the airport is able to support the request. A decade ago runway 26 was extended and at that time the necessary changes were made to allow for the A380 to operate on the field. And the new Concourse E portion of the terminal opened earlier this year includes an A380 gate.

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As for the availability of the A380, that rests in part on Norwegian. The aircraft is still operating between London-Gatwick and New York-JFK for the carrier and is finally on a slightly more stable schedule. Which is to say the company adjusted the flight schedule to account for the fact that JFK Terminal 1 could not handle an extra A380 at the previously scheduled time. The carrier also adjusted its buy-up policies making it slightly more expensive to score one of the first class suites on board, though still not completely unreasonable as pricing goes.

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As for when the A380 becomes available to a new airline customer, that detail is not entirely clear. But the A380 falls off Norwegian’s schedule after August 23, 2018. Subject to change, of course.

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