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  1. Donald Osborne
    Donald Osborne at |

    Delta wouldn’t have to do this if they simply enforced the order. Too often, the guy ahead of me is not Prem (I’m a Diamond Medallion who’s mostly in the front cabin) and invariably they just let him board. If they simply kicked these folks back to the back, the boarding gate wouldn’t be such a mess when they call each category. As it is, they just reward the line jumpers. The new system doesn’t help if they don’t enforce it.

  2. Karen
    Karen at |

    Good Lord, this is confusing! They would be better off if they gave everyone a unique number when they bought their ticket, or did it alphabetically, or by what sign they born under. (Aquarius boards before Scorpio, except in the Year of the Dragon….)

  3. Enjoy FIne Food
    Enjoy FIne Food at |

    Since at the gate the announcements are mostly garbled and unintelligible, this is all Delta color fun. Ignore it. Just be one of the roaches and crawl up to the lane of your choice.

  4. TR
    TR at |

    Wow. Airlines really don’t have to pay attention to ADA stuff. Color coding? With shades of red and blue? Seriously?