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  1. Bill
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    I was on a business trip to NASA in Huntsville, AL back in the 80’s and happened to be on-site the day they were test firing one space shuttle engine (shuttles had three of these on the vehicle).
    I was amazed at the power, and grinned from ear to ear watching the white plume of steam rice above the platform. The roar of the engine went through your body.
    One of the NASA people with me commented that it was actually not much, and that it was much more impressive watching one of the booster rockets test fired, albeit from much further away than we were to the test we witnessed.
    Still, made me feel very patriotic about the entire shuttle program.
    Literally an”awesome” experience!

  2. ABC
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    How do you keep track of the scheduled launches?

    1. Joseph N.
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  3. Joseph N.
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    I used to go to a lot of launches, including Grail, Juno and STS-135. Well worth it, IF your trip and/or kids can accommodate the launch delays.

    As for the camaraderie, I’ve been to launches where I didn’t speak to another person. I’ve more often been to launches where I made new Facebook friends, got invited to dinner or generally just had a great time with other space nerds while waiting out delays. It is a very friendly community.

  4. Shahzaad Kamboh
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    Sounds like real fun. I’m absolutely intrigued after reading your post, Seth.

    Just trying to imagine how much exciting those 90 seconds would be when you see all this action with your naked eyes and senses. And from just a little distance of a few miles. Wow!

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  5. Alan
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    Sounds great! Any good sites you’d recommend to keep an eye out for upcoming launches?

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