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  1. GUWonder
    GUWonder at |

    My family has taken this before, but I didn’t realize it’s to end this year. Will have to do this one last time for the memories.

  2. Sco
    Sco at |

    How have I never heard of this before! Thanks for posting this. I’ve got a Europe trip next month where I’m flying back from CPH and was just looking at positioning flights there from Eastern Europe….looks like I may now be booking a flight to Hamburg and doing this instead!

  3. Davod
    Davod at |

    Very cool Seth.

  4. Christian
    Christian at |

    Damn. I didn’t know that was ending. A real shame. The train onto a ferry experience was incredible.

  5. Ben
    Ben at |

    There’s still a similar journey during the summer from Berlin to Malmo in Sweden. It’s a sleeper service that spends 4 hours on a ferry. Guests have the option to stay on the train or explore the ship. Great way to save on a night’s accommodation when I was Interrailing some years ago.
    Link: https://www.snalltaget.se/en/destinations/berlin