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  1. Jackson Thompson
    Jackson Thompson at |

    Let me guess, it was white Mormon men ages 15-60 who…. No, we all know who it was and it is the same in South Africa, Paris, Haiti, Rio or Chicago. We are never going to have safety and peace until we can publicly address who commits a disproportionately high amount of violence and work at isolating and separating ourselves from these groups. What a paradise these Caribbean islands like St. Maarten, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Jamaica would be without these trouble makers.

    1. blogadmin
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      You’re correct, it is the white people who showed up, declared themselves in charge and then bent the rules in their own favor to receive outsized benefits at the expense of the others living on the land for generations.

      The idea to just get rid of the people living there for the sake of colonialists and tourists is pretty myopic.

      1. John Rogers
        John Rogers at |

        What has been the case is that everywhere in the world it is blacks who commit the highest rate of violent crime and cause disruption for everyone else. Every ounce of economic success of these islands is because of tourism so the residents should be grateful instead of attacking white western tourists which has been going on increasingly so in the Bahamas, St. Maarten, and the Dominican Republic.

        For the record the people who comprise 90% of the population in St. Maarten weren’t on these islands when the Dutch, Spanish, and French arrived. Slavery was the greatest mistake in the world because it has condemned the west to dangerous neighborhoods and degenerate culture.

  2. Michael Coscia
    Michael Coscia at |

    We visited SXM the week of December 15. Stayed on Dutch side, but tried three nights to eat diner on the French side. Each time stopped by roadblocks of trash, tires, concrete, pallets. Reports on local newspaper and website that roads had been cleared were wrong. Paid $20 tip to circumvent blockade to get back to Dutch side in our final attempt. Random van torched in parking lot in front of Marigot Monoprix at we had purchased cheese and wine the day prior. The gendarmes we saw merely stood watch without interaction.

  3. nicole
    nicole at |

    What are the French and Dutch Govts doing to help the local people?!! I just returned from 10 days on the French side and before and after Irma is not shockingly night and day. I stayed right next to the first pic posted at the Les Temps hotel next to the Rainbow Café. The area looks terrible two years later and I feel extremely sorry for the local people. I love SXM but have no desire to return. Understanding that 90% of this lsland was affected and greatly devastated, the French side looks terrible and my heart goes out to the people living there. The French Govt should step up looks like they are doing absolutely nothing to fix it unless you are a big hotel chain, the obvious reason for the riots.

  4. Lee @ BaldThoughts
    Lee @ BaldThoughts at |

    What a shame. We visited SXM a few years ago for my birthday and had a great time. It is so sad that rebuilding from the devastation of the hurricane has not made more progress. I hope that the governments step up, do right by their people, and speed up the process.

  5. Linda McDonald
    Linda McDonald at |

    Me and a family group visited St.marteen 10/30_19 and had a wonderful and peaceful time .No problems, nothing but alot of fun,sun and relaxation. We stayed on the Dutch side and went to Rainbow restaurant many times. Yes there is still work to be done on both sides.