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  1. sbreck
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    Last night, just before my flight CO1186 was diverted to Syracuse for fueling, the pilot apologized and then urged us to “vote our frustrations”. What vote was he talking about? The thing where the small plane owners have to pay for more air traffic control?

    p.s. sorry Wallse wasn’t an unqualified success for you.

  2. Seth
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    You really should fly on the MDW-LGA flight on Delta. I have no idea why you continue to insist on the Continental flights.

    The “vote” reference is to encourage your representatives to support the FAA plan. Right now it is the only viable option on the table. Most of the arguements about additional noise for folks living on the ground is a joke – the effects will be much less than what people are making it out to be. They’re all worried about property value, and I can’t blame them, but it won’t be so bad as to bankrupt towns across the tri-state area.

    The biggest problem is that most folks don’t travel that often, and they are going to vote for whichever politician promises to oppose the plan, as that is better for them individually, and the politicians are going to represent their constituents. Sadly, there are times where socialism seems like a better idea to me – at least in this case because I’m one of the few that would benefit from change being imposed on the masses.