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  1. Rui N.
    Rui N. at |

    “I would not be out at the beaches, mostly because I had no desire to sit still like that for the weekend but also because they are somewhat isolated and more expensive having been booked solid for holiday-makers from England. ”

    What to you mean by this? Beaches in Portugal are always free, private beaches are illegal. Even the ones that have paid services can only dedicate 1/3 of the area for paid stuff, the rest must be free to access by everyone.
    If you’re talking hotels, there’s plenty of options, from cheap motel-like establishments to airbnb’s and such. Not expensive at all.

  2. Rosalyn Abramson
    Rosalyn Abramson at |

    The best travel experiences– the unanticipated ones that are full of surprises!!!

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