Another Continental feature

I posted a couple days ago about the cool new PDA web info site from Continental Airlines. At the time I alluded to a second tool but didn’t post anything about it. Here it is – a month long search tool.

On the regular search interface you can search for flights +/- 3 days from the date you put in the box. But if you are truly flexible and just want a flight to a destination at any point in the next month or so, finding fares can be much more difficult. Now, thanks to the month-long search tool the task is significantly easier. Give it a start and end point, class of service, duration and advance purchase and it’ll return a 30-day view of fares. For some reason, however, Continental doesn’t make it readily available from any of the various flight search screens on their site. Even worse, if you can figure out the URL bookmarking it doesn’t work too well because the first search you do messes with the address, leaving you with an inflexible and relatively useless result. Fortunately I found a way around that.

It is a nice little form/JavaScript nugget that runs completely client-side so it can be ported over to any website that wants to. I’ve added it to the right column here on, including a link to the source code.


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Seth Miller

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