A look back Continental Micronesia

As of the beginning of the month Continental Micronesia is no more. Marketing became fully integrated in 2012 but the integration of employees into the parent operation did not happen then. That changed on April 1, 2017. Perhaps most notable with this move is that the flight attendants, still working under a 2012 agreement that became amendable in 2014, will now likely be integrated into the larger work group and the contract agreement ratified in 2016.

The end of that era makes the fact that a friend found and digitized this movie quite timely. In the late 70s the company produced Our Heritage in the Pacific – The Air Micronesia Story. It is 40 minutes of seeing just what life was like in the 70s in Micronesia.

Yes, it is long. But it is a 40ish minute blend of AvGeek and Micronesia awesomeness.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Thanks for sharing. As a former Continental employee, I use to work on the Air Mic aircraft at the LAX hanger. I never knew about the beginnings of Air Mic, and how it was related to Continental Airlines. TY so much!

  2. I finally have my Island Hopper ticket, due to fly in July, including a 48-hour stopover at Majuro. Thanks for sharing this!

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