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  1. Miquel Ros
    Miquel Ros at |

    There is, literally, nothing *continental* about this route )

  2. Mike Denoff
    Mike Denoff at |

    Nice video!

  3. Brent Young
    Brent Young at |

    Thanks for sharing. As a former Continental employee, I use to work on the Air Mic aircraft at the LAX hanger. I never knew about the beginnings of Air Mic, and how it was related to Continental Airlines. TY so much!

  4. Sice
    Sice at |

    This is a great watch! Makes me wish I were from 60 years earlier!

  5. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    I finally have my Island Hopper ticket, due to fly in July, including a 48-hour stopover at Majuro. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Alan Dickey
    Alan Dickey at |

    Island Hopper