Best. Bathroom. Ever!

A couple people told me about it, I’d read a bit about it online and I went in with pretty high expectations. And the men’s room at Felix’s bar on top of the Peninsula Hotel is absolutely, totally and completely that cool. While I was in there three women actually came in, past the protesting attendant, just to catch a peek. Basically the bathroom has one of the best views on the Kowloon peninsula, a floor to ceiling wall of glass almost thirty stories above the ground. The night I was there it was still a bit hazy, but the view was still pretty amazing. And, Yes, that is a urinal in the foreground.

You don’t have to actually buy a drink to visit the bar and see it for yourself. Actually, the bar is pretty small and crowded (though it also has decent views from its windows) and the drinks are on the pricy side so I wouldn’t plan on spending much time there at all, but it is completely worth going up the elevator ride to visit the loo.

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Seth Miller

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