Cool new tools from Continental Airlines

Every now and then an airline does something that provides information to passengers in a clear and useful manner. It is very rare, but it happens, as evidenced by a new tool that Continental has recently released into beta testing (though I can vouch for the fact that it is pretty solid.

With the number of delayed flights increasing and the consistency of ammenities on planes pretty much gone, knowing what to expect in terms of a meal, in-flight entertainment and an actual departure time for your flight is harder than ever. That is, if you aren’t flying on Continental. If you are, there’s a great new tool available for you that can give you all that information, as well as standby status and upgrade wait list status – no more need to harass the gate agents for those morsels of data. Continental has added all of this functionality to their PDA site, allowing folks to pull it all up from any device (including your regular computer) that has internet access. Just browse over to and all the information will be at your fingertips. One of my favorite features of the new site is the “Where is my plane coming from?” link which is based on the Continental flight operations assignment of aircraft, so it is always the most accurate information available. When you click on that link you go directly to the updated information regarding the status of the actual airplane on its way to pick you up, including any delays it might be experiencing. It also links into the catering system to tell you what the food will be on the flight, the details of the in-flight entertainment system and a few other nuggets.

Top notch!

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Seth Miller

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