Finding good street food

One of the things I love about travel in Asia is the street food. We have it in New York, but dirty water dogs and the chicken & rice guy doesn’t have the same appeal to me as the options I find in Asian travel. Maybe it is that the serving sizes are so much smaller, allowing for more options in a tasting, that I have no idea what I’m doing when I order or maybe just that the food is better. Either way, I’m a huge fan.

Tonight is the eve of the Lunar New Year, and the Causeway Bay area is a zoo. From what I can tell the party runs all night over there – it certainly showed no signs of stopping when I left at 11:30pm. Tons of people out on the street, along with vendors of trinkets, toys, clothing, flowers and -most importantly to me – food. After a 15 hour flight where I was subjected to airline food

Suffice it to say I needed something more (though the banana bread for dessert wasn’t terrible).

I found my way to the hotel, dropped my bags off and set out in search of something more satisfing. I found this vendor, among many others

and that was where I got my fix. They had a number of options, including octopus, liver (I think), meat balls of some sort, duck (I think), fried chicken, mini-hot dogs, fried dough, “yellow” dumplings and seafood dumplings. My general approach was to point, pay and then eat what I was given. It has served me well in the past, and it did again tonight.

I’m not really sure what was in the yellow dumplings, but it sure was tasty.

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Seth Miller

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  1. I know that stall! That’s on Yee Wo Street, across the street from Sogo!

    I’ve taken pix there too. I think they’re used to it because they don’t freak out about a camera being pointed at them like so many other HK people do…

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