Delta cutting international routes

Route cuts are getting more and more common these days, but the vast majority of the announced cuts to this point have been in the domestic US market, as that is generally where the fares cannot justify keeping up the service. Delta has made some moves in the past week or so to significantly cut international routes, often considered to be cash generators, not cost centers. Some of the routes being cut are brand new (or not even launched yet), and some are long-standing routes that have been running for years.

Here’s a list of the routes being cut:
Atlanta-Fort de France
Atlanta-Pointe Pitre
JFK-Guatemala City
JFK-Punta Cana
JFK-Santiago (DR)
JFK-Santo Domingo

I was booked on that JFK-ORY flight but was fortunate to have been able to change to an EWR-AMS-IST routing rather than the JFK-ORY//CDG-IST routing I originally had, so not such an issue for me.

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Seth Miller

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