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  1. wolfie_cr
    wolfie_cr at |

    Now, I want you to try that with your wife? 🙂

    A few years went by with me not checking any bag, the one time I did, it broke inside the cargo haul and everything that was in it……went flying (pun intended) all over the place, that was a nice experience…..when I picked a bag with some stuff recovered…..

  2. Seth
    Seth at |

    She’s actually taken to the no cheked luggage approach to travel as well, and does it quite nicely. We would’ve been able to do our 3.5 week RTW honeymoon trip as carry-on only except that we had an extra bag of scuba gear. Everything else fit just fine in carry-ons. It really isn’t all that difficult if you plan for it. It does mean making some sacrifices (only 2 pairs of shoes, and you wear the big/heavy ones on the flight no matter what, for example) but once you get over some of those bits the travel experience gets a whole lot easier.