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  1. Steph
    Steph at |

    I agree, the contents of his bags – inflatable dolls of anyone included – don’t impress me.

    I don’t know what’s more frustrating, that people can get through security this easily, or that no one pays attention when they do.

    But I bet you that the author and his forging-genius friend are of a Non-Threatening Race.

  2. Steph
    Steph at |


    He writes:
    “Then you board the plane, because they’re not checking your name against your ID at boarding.””

    So when they ask for my passport and boarding pass at boarding, they’re not checking the name against anything? What are they looking at? Me vs. my photo? I don’t understand this.

  3. Seth
    Seth at |

    When they check your passport (only on international flights; the author doesn’t mention that all his flights were domeestic) they are, in fact, checking that it is you and that your passport isn’t expired. That is a different issue for the airlines as they are liable to serious fines if they deliver a passenger to a foreign country who doesn’t have the appropriate documentation (passport, visa, etc.). But for a typical domestic flight such a match doesn’t – and shouldn’t – take place.

    And are there really any races that are actually inherently threatening?

  4. Steph
    Steph at |

    Not threatening to me, but … in terms of “security”, I am sure that there are certain ethnicities/races that would get checked far more often than others.

    I’d like to see the author and a person of Middle Eastern appearance try to get the same stuff through, both as solo travellers.