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I’m not posting really too much this weekend even though I’m on the road and travelling.  That’s because I’m at the big Continental event and posting on a different blog just for that.  We’re all having a great time – truly amazing.  I got off a private 757-200 tour of lower Texas just about an hour ago, with the champagne flowing (there are pictures of me drinking from the bottle but I haven’t seen them yet) and everyone having a phenomenal time.  No miles that I know of since we landed at the same airport we departed from, but plenty of fun during the hour and change in the air, so no complaints here.

You can follow along for the rest of this weekend’s events at  Enjoy!


I got to wear the cool hat.


Our flight path.


Me and a couple of the “most professional men and women in the business.”  Chavon is the one on the right.  She was the star of the safety video for quite some time.  I now have a special place in history because of this photo!

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Seth Miller

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