The many faces of photography

Here I am, staring down a long weekend and not traveling. It seems a bit strange to me, but it worked out OK in the end. First off, we had a couple different groups of folks travel in to NYC so I got to see many people. Plus, I still got to play tourist a bit.

I headed up to Times Square on Sunday afternoon to wander around and see the tourists play a bit myself. I do this every now and then, mostly for the entertainment value of it. I like the bustle of the people and the many different languages being spoken, among other things. I also like interacting with the visitors, whether taking a photo for them or answering questions, such as “How do we get to Times Square from here?” (actually asked of me yesterday afternoon while standing in front of the TKTS booth).

I also took the opportunity to work on some of my photo skills. As I sat on the steps of the TKTS booth I realized that the varied faces of folks taking pictures presented an interesting little photo project for me. I spent the next 90 minutes or so watching and recording their actions as photographers. I’m very happy with the results of my mini-project:

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More photos from the collection here.

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Seth Miller

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