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  1. robert Crowder
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    Our son is a missionary in Kathmandu, so you are always in for an adventure when you travel outside of the city. We love the sense of getting away, and it seems even more obscure than our over 125 trips for business in china over 40 years ago. We have learned the ways of the chinese now, but going to Nepal is much more challenging. Our son has been there for over 4 years sharing the Gospel, and he always brings us hair raising adventures. It reminds me of our harrowing bus trip from Harare to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe when the bus driver prayed for our safe travels there, and also gave a thankful prayer for arriving successfully 12 hours later. We love Nepal, and will continue to visit their magnificent country. Safe travels.

  2. dan
    dan at |

    Having done this journey a few times and having taken the flight once, I can’t say enough for the flights! There’s a temptation on any trip to Nepal to attempt to spend a total of less than $5 a day total, but the time savings is an even bigger part of it.

    Taking the bus commits basically an entire day to getting between the cities. Taking the flight is pretty painless. But I guess everyone should experience a $3 tourist bus between the cities at least once??!?!

  3. Henja Dijkhuis
    Henja Dijkhuis at |

    My first bustrip between Kathmandu and Pokhara took about 13 hours. The bus broke down several times and in the end the driver’s sidekick, a young boy, stood on the wheel cap to hold on to something under an open motorhood (this one was 2 parts that opened on the sides). This was 30 plus years ago.
    The last time I did the trip is only 1 month ago, in a normal car, with a good driver, leaving Kathmandu early as to not end up in the morning rush hour: we seemed to be making good time, didn’t even stop to eat, but in the end it still took us more than 6 hours. It seems it just can’t be done much faster than that. Just once I took the plane and maybe next time as well? Not sure….

  4. Sagar paudel
    Sagar paudel at |

    The cost of flight between two cities is around $20-$50. I think it’s always better to travel by air.

  5. Jagadeesh
    Jagadeesh at |

    On Jan 2, 2020 I flew from Kathmandu to Pokhara for 1200 Indian rupees (17$)

  6. Johnny
    Johnny at |

    Another pro tip – sit as close to the front of the bus as possible! Reduces the amount of bumping considerably – there’s a reason the tourists always end up at the back!