Are you ready to be a Denzien?

Hilton sure hopes so.  Apparently having ten different brands in their family just wasn’t enough, so they’re adding a new one: Denzien Hotels (warning -  stupid flash site with lots of audio and very little useful information).  So what are Denzien Hotels?  I’m glad you asked.

Denizen Hotels will become a cultural epicentre at each of its destinations, cultivating community within its walls. Eclectic, social and humbly authentic, each property within the brand will be smart in design, cultural in character and sensitive in service delivery. Developed as an international intersection of business and pleasure, Denizen Hotels will redefine how guests stay and play. With innovative check-in technologies and in-room comfort controlled at the touch of a button, Denizen Hotels destinations will harness the best and brightest design and technology to provide a seamless guest experience for the modern traveler.

Yeah.  All that, just for a hotel.  I actually wonder just how many different marketing groups got to chip in on the one paragraph and put their finish on it.  Certainly one of the groups speaks the Queen’s English natively (“epicentre”) so that’s fun.  But it seems like they’re going for “unique” experiences at each location.  That is actually something that, as a business traveler, I find very annoying.  It is great on a vacation where you want something new and different.  But when traveling for work I pretty much want a consistent experience.  That is actually one of the reasons that I like the Embassy Suites brand so much.  Many of them are exactly the same.  And if not exactly they are pretty close.  It really makes things easier when you can’t remember what city you’re in.

Still, I wish Hilton luck.  After all, launching a new chain of hotels in an economic climate that is seeing travel numbers drop, especially at the high end, cannot be an easy challenge.

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Seth Miller

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