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  1. Anonymous
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    Not many people in the US would pick an airline as one of their favorites that (soon) doesn’t even fly to the US anymore.

    But I get why you picked them. I earned 31k miles on BMI last year without ever flying them. Just Hertz and Hilton credits and the occasional survey.

  2. Seth
    Seth at |

    I don’t need them to be flying within or to the USA to benefit from my relationship with them.

    The main benefit I get is lounge access on any Star Alliance flight, even in coach. For the same amount of flying and crediting to United or US Air (the US-based partners) I’d get basically nothing. I might get up to the level where I get lounge access on international itineraries, but maybe not.

    Plus, the earning and burning rates with bmi are WAY better than UA or US offer. Earning for hotel stays is great – particularly at Hiltons – and earning for the Q-Up flights that I generally take on United are at a 300% rate, and I’m already sitting in first class.

    The only thing I miss are SWUs, and I’m OK with that. I don’t think I’d ever buy up to the higher fare classes to redeem those anyways; I’d rather fly in coach for less at that point.

    It isn’t for everyone, and it is going to change eventually with the Lufthansa buyout, but it works for me right now, even with the troubles that the ICC present when working redemptions.