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  1. utsire
    utsire at |

    It’s not just the airlines that are desperate. The Netherlands is scrapping its APD (up to €45) to stimulate demand, and grab back the passengers who have been lost to DUS.

    I wonder whether we’ll see the French/ UK/ Irish APD scrapped too.

  2. Seth
    Seth at |

    I noticed the APD getting trashed in the Netherlands in a story last night. I am quite pleased by that. I actually have a trip that I will likely now need to seek a refund on that bit for, which should be fun to convince them of.

    I wouldn’t bet on the UK matching as theirs has been in place for much longer and there are fewer alternatives. Ditto for Ireland (still cheaper than heading up to Belfast or fingind another way off the Emerald Isle). France has a few more alternatives, depending on where one lives, but still a pretty captive audience.