Hamburg and its love of water


One thing that is impossible to miss in Hamburg is the very close relationship the city has with water.  It hosts the second largest port in Europe and two major rivers flow through its streets.  To say that there is water everywhere may well be an understatement.  The city has done a phenomenal job working with the rivers and the port to truly integrate the waterways into the everyday ebb and flow of life.  There are canals cutting through town to provide access for cargo vessels to warehouses.  There are two beautiful lakes right in the middle of downtown.  And, of course, there is the majestic harbor.  As we wandered about town today we were never more than a couple hundred yards from the water in one direction or another. 


The Rathaus (city hall) has a beautiful courtyard inside with a fountain/statue that pays homage to the water that runs throughout the city:


And couples wandering the streets and bridges paused to soak up the beautiful views and otherwise enjoy their time together:


There is water everywhere in Hamburg, and it ties the city together quite nicely.

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Seth Miller

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