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  1. Corey
    Corey at |

    So the rooms are 20% smaller. Does that mean the ADR will drop by a corresponding 20%? Me thinks not.

  2. Seth
    Seth at |

    Of course they aren’t going to drop the room rate. They actually said that they plan to keep it the same and maybe increase the 2-room suite ratte by “a couple bucks” or something like that.

    Then again, you aren’t paying on a per square foot basis for the room. There is a lot of infrastructure and other things that go into the overall cost structure that have to be considered, too.

    I’m way more annoyed that they have the gall to suggest that “people want the smaller room” as their justification. That is just plain ridiculous.

  3. adastra
    adastra at |

    I saw this one coming – there have been a few Embassy suites properties with single rooms offered over the past year. As a federal per diem traveler, that’s what I inevitably get offered at the government rate. I’m sure I’ll see even more of that now. Given that they are indeed overrun with children and frat boys, I would no longer see the trade-off to book ES if they only give me a normal hotel room.