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  1. Anonymous
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    How do you go about defending your seats?

    Hypothetically speaking, if you had a row of three to yourself, and the row in front of you was completely filled, it would seem difficult to argue that the middle guy can't have the window or aisle in your row. I am not sure that most FAs would buy an "I was here first" argument. And if you were in the completely filled row (even if in the aisle or window seat), you'd probably also love to see your middle man disappear 🙂

  2. Seth
    Seth at |

    Indeed, I would not attempt to defend 3 empty against a full 3. But if the other row only has 2 seats taken and I have three for myself I have no problem explaining that I'm going to keep my three and they can still share like they were before.

    The guy in front of us (14ABC) also ended up with a full row to himself thanks to the Flight Attendant moving an unaccompanied minor from the window to 8E between two other passengers. Had I been one of those two I'd have been pretty annoyed at that.

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